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Halfway There

So I’m halfway through the real food challenge and I’m not gonna lie, it’s been tough. We try as a family to plan out our dinners for the week and we all agreed on meals I would be able to eat. Well….for 2 days in a row, the person who was supposed to cook decided they didn’t want to. So that left me having to figure out something on the fly. Luckily I had some food on hand and it wasn’t that bad, but it made it really easy to just want to give up.

Also, I’m not much of a water drinker and it’s been tough to pretty much only drink that, coffee, and juice. I don’t like to drink juice that much because I don’t need all the sugar, but water just gets so boring for me! So I tried diluting the juice in some water and it helped, but I’d just like to add one of my drink mixes (made with Stevia) to the water!

Even though it has been a little difficult, I really feel great! I haven’t felt as sluggish and I have not been turning to food so much for comfort. I guess it’s because I haven’t been able to turn to the junk foods. For some reason I just don’t feel like I want to eat a whole bag of baby carrots. ; )

I absolutely have to give God the credit for giving me the strength to resist the temptation. At work today we had a chance to get a piece of cake from a banquet and I didn’t take one even though it would have been SO GOOD! I’m also finding myself turning to Him more during the day instead of focusing on food.

On another note, we had our graduate ceremony for the dietetic seniors today! Even though I graduated in December, I was still invited since I was in class with all the other students and they didn’t have a ceremony for my graduation. It was so great to see my classmates! I wish them all so much luck with their internships and job opportunities! Here’s a pic of us all with our professors. My dad couldn’t work the camera very well, but I love the picture of us all!



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