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A few years ago, I found myself just watching life go by & waiting for my plans to unfold. I realized then that if I wanted to do anything in this world, I was going to have to stop going by my plan & actually go & participate in life. I realized God had a plan for me & I needed to start living my life with intention. Life is so boring if you don’t do things for a purpose. My purpose is to glorify God. That’s it. So this blog is about my life happenings while I try my best to accomplish that goal. I plan to be real & not sugar-coat things. God can show up in even the smallest areas of our lives, most of the time we don’t notice. I hope my experiences will help show you what God is doing in my life & encourage you to know He is with you as well.


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  1. elsethenomad

    Love this. Perfectly said. With that attitude, prepare yourself for an exciting life! 🙂


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